The Lily Inn - Burlington, New Jersey, 08016, United States

The Lily Inn History

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The first recorded settlement in New Jersey was established by the Walloons of Belgium on Burlington Island in the Delaware River. The land was then purchased by a group of British Quakers for 1,000 pounds in 1674 and became an active settlement in 1677. Burlington was an extremely popular port and was promoted as a fine market town that engaged in trade with the West Indies. It is said that William Penn planned Philadelphia as a model of Burlington, Philadelphia being founded in 1681.

The City of Burlington is home to many prominent Americans: Elias Boudinot, president of the Continental Congress at the time that America gained its independence in 1783; Susan Boudinot Bradford, wife of William Bradford, the first Attorney General of the United States under George Washington; Captain James Lawrence, best known for his service during the War of 1812, and the motto "Don’t give up the Ship" now used by the Unites States Navy. Ben Franklin, Isaac Collins, Ulysses S. Grant, and many other prominent Americans, lived and walked our streets. Enjoy all these sites and many more through walking tours offered by the Burlingon County Historical Society or The City of Burlington.

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The Lily Inn was born out of a love for the building. The Inn is 300 years old this year and is an example of Georgian/Federal architecture. Two buildings were built on this property in 1709 by two brothers, Francis and Daniel Smith. At the time they probably shared a common wall. In 1767 Samuel Allinson, a prominent Quaker resident, purchased the properties and combined the two into one large residence. In 1857 the home was purchased by J. Howard Pugh, M.D., a prominent New Jersey physician who served during the Civil War, and became president of Mechanics National Bank of Burlington for 36 years.

The décor is in keeping with the Georgian/Federal style of the building. We have kept the original, white cedar floors exposed, using only area rugs. Antique furniture and four poster beds complete the feel of a time gone by, when life was slower and comfort was appreciated. A hidden treasure on the green banks of the Delaware!

The Lily Inn
214 High Street
Burlington, New Jersey, 08016, United States
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The Lily Inn

Step back in time to an age of quiet elegance. The Lily Inn is nestled in the Historic City of Burlington, New Jersey, along the green banks of the Delaware River.